Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A trip in photos | Bulgaria

Recently I returned from Bulgaria for a family holiday, it was my first holiday abroad and certainly won't be my last! We only went for a week which seemed to fly by, I really could've stayed longer it was so relaxing and the place was so beautiful! Most of the week was spent on the resort we stayed at since it led onto the beach and they had lots of activities going on suited for everyone during the day, most sports related the majority being water sports which I didn't really fancy however I went to a yoga and gymnastics class which I really enjoyed, along with this they had a show on each night all were really enjoyable however on the night we arrived there was a chill beach party. I know a CHILL beach party?? Sounds strange but there were dancers and it was suited for families. The resort also happened to have a mini aqua park on site, have to admit I probably went on the rides everyday besides when we went to Nessebar Aqua Park which was incredible! There may have been lots of people queueing and around the park but you never had to wait long, only a few of the bigger rides had massive queues but they were well worth the wait. One of our main day trips out was into Nessebar Old Town, I was in awe of it all there was so much going on and there was so much history and beauty surrounding everything. However it's now back to the real world and not sitting by the pool with a book in my hands which means starting university, exciting but the rain and coldness of England isn't so inviting after a week of bright, hot sunny days.

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