Saturday, 28 February 2015

A Journey | university

Lately i've been distant from blogging and the internet in general, life has been so consumed with everything university, so i thought i'd share a few of my thoughts on the matter. Applying, preparing a portfolio, then the actual interviews which concluded on Wednesday 25th this month. I now feel as though a weight has left my shoulders after receiving all my offers and roughly knowing which i want to study at. But really thats not where the journey ends, is it? not even once you get there or even finish your studies it wont be over, you'll still be on the journey for many more years to come. There's no true ending to a journey through education as it will always stay with you in some way. If you'd have told me two years ago i'd be going to university this September i'd laugh, originally i never planned on going to university i didn't want to "go for the experience" why spend thousands of pounds for an experience? but not to study something you enjoy. However after looking into it more and thinking what i actually want to do in the future within the photography industry i realised maybe it's not the worst thing, going to university and going to open days really opens your eyes with how it can expand your knowledge in the subject and also help you discover your style. Never did i want to give into the pressures of HAVING to go, all around people say that you need to get a degree to then persue and get the job you want, that should hardly be true but the experiences that university can give you can be incredible! Don't listen to what others say but explore the possibilities of what you can do after college/sixth form then choose whats right for you, that's all that truly matters.

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sundays Adventures

Today i thought i'd do a day in photos type post, Sunday's for me are more of a chill day before college the next day and taking some time out to enjoy the things i love. 
To start the day off i made porridge with honey and a detox twinings tea for breakfast, usually i have green tea but while being ill i've found this to help. While having breakfast i'll read, today i read a couple chapters of Stardust, so far its really good. I then go on to tidying my room, focusing on my desk as that always ends up being a mess after doing sketchbook work for college, nothing says tidying than an upbeat playlist so it doesn't feel so much like a chore. After that i usually get dressed for the day and apply a little makeup; concealer, fill in brows, glitter eyeliner and bold lip. Quick, simple and nothing too heavy. Then sometimes i will make up a batch of yogurt, today i made plain yogurt to add berries and honey too. By then it's probably time for lunch, lately i've been loving scrambled egg with pepper on toast, super easy and yummy! After lunch i'll usually go for a walk in the heath near where i live taking different routes each time, exploring parts i haven't been to before, normally i'll only take my dslr camera to take a few photos but recently i've switched it up with my minolta film camera, i love shooting with this camera as it really makes you think about the photos that you take and the settings that you use. Upon getting home i like to take out my tablet and check up on my sims on there, it's really tempting me into buying sims 4 when it comes out for mac. After spending too much time on there it's usually time to start preparing the usual Sunday roast, though today somehow i forgot to cook my quorn fillets. While having dinner we'll usually have the tv on with a film showing or doctor who if its on. Following that its time to have a bath and have a few games of spider solitaire before removing any makeup from my face and moisturising. Sundays are when i tend to repaint my nails so today i chose a nude shade from barry m. Then to end the day i'll watch a few episodes of merlin then read one final chapter of the current book that i'm reading. 

Do you have any Sunday traditions?
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