Tuesday, 30 June 2015

What I Eat In A Day

Today i'm showing an insight to what i generally eat in a day. Recently i made my first youtube video! to share this. Having been vegetarian for 5 and a half years and recently began transitioning to vegan i thought it'd be interesting to share what i eat in a typical day. Sometimes i ignore the seasons and still eat oatmeal in the summer months, being in England it doesn't always seem like summer anyway so its alright? There's days where i can't be bothered to cook a big fabulous meal, instead cooking something super simple and quick however most of the time i love preparing meals and don't mind waiting for everything to cook but we're all allowed lazy days. This was one of those days i've made these meals or similar so many times i throw everything together and bam, done, so it wasn't much hassle and it almost felt calming preparing everything (probably just me there) 

Hope you enjoyed this different style post
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