Thursday, 4 June 2015

Adventuring | Dovedale

While being swamped down with final assignment work at college I was given the opportunity to go on a trip up North to Alton Towers so naturally i said yes and my adrenaline self came out for a day the theme park was relatively quiet which was great. After a long day we headed back to a b&b for the night ready to be up bright and early for a morning at Dovedale! I'd never been before but after being told by so many people that it's a must to see sight in the Peak District we had to have a visit before coming home, plus we had to travel by to get back home so there was no reason not to really. The sights all around were stunning! We followed the path along the stream for almost two miles to where some of the caves were, I thought they were going to be just ordinary caves but i was wrong they weren't overly big but there was water running out of them to the stream, looking closely you could see the water running down the back of the cave! There were people standing in the middle of the stream fly fishing, it was really interesting to watch and hear about how it works, one of them had caught 5 fish from it in an hour or so of us being there (others couldn't believe it, too good to be true?) and all as i'd never seen anyone fly fishing before. I had a lovely walk around and wished that i could stay longer however we had to head back home but i'm sure i'll take a trip back there at some point, its so lovely there. It's one of those places you feel at peace and could stay for the whole day however i wouldn't rush up the steps. Finding out the hard way wasn't great, it looks like there's only a few steps but as you get going they don't seem to stop but the views are incredible. I really recommend taking a trip to Dovedale if you're in the Peak District, you won't regret it.

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