Friday, 2 January 2015

Morning 2015 | year goals

Now i may not be one of the people that make the traditional new year resolutions as i've never stuck to them for more than a few months, or simply forget what i planned to do that year i've decided i'm going to create a list of goals that i hope to achieve by the end of the year, a bit like a bucket list really. I'm not setting out in hope to achieve them all, though it'd be amazing if i did but it's more things i'd like to achieve rather than being that i have to.

1. Read 50 books
> 50 books may sound a lot but last year i read 40 books and had a pause in reading for around two months as i was swamped in college work and such so it doesn't seem so unrealistic. I was going to set myself the challenge of reading 40 books again but decided to increase the amount since i have a pile of unread books sitting in my room awaiting me.

2. Drink green tea at least 3 times a week
> Rather a simple goal but i rarely drink anything other than water or the occasional hot chocolate plus i've never really liked tea before but when i tried this a week or two ago i really liked it so 3 times a week is just a start and i can increase it as the year goes on or try other teas?

3. Get into uni
> Never did i think i'd want to go to uni but over the past year i changed my mind, not sure how but it happened and i applied at the end of the year and interviews are in the next few months and i genuinely hope that i get offered a place my first choice.

4. Experiment + put more effort into my coursework
> Going along with my previous goal its all about education again, maybe effort isn't the right word to use but i strive to better myself with upcoming work and not stay at the same place that i am and to do that i need to put more effort in, if that makes sense? Also i want to experiment within my work more as i love trying new things out and making my work different and finding myself in photography.

5. Blog regularly/form a schedule
 >Again this is quite simple but knowing myself it will be a challenge to actually do this as it'll mean finding a balance between everything and stop procrastinating without sounding cliche i'd rather read a book or go on a walk than attend to my responsibilities but this year i hope to put up a new post at least once a week.

6. Exercise/workout regularly 
>Towards the end of last year i began doing workouts and exercising but never regularly as i got into the habit of putting it off, oops. This year i intend to carry on doing the workouts i was doing but do them regularly, so around 2 times a week and perhaps build it up as the year goes on i don't want to make it feel like a chore.

7. Re-watch all 5 seasons of Merlin
>Attempted this last year but only got to mid season 3 unfortunately but this year i'm challenging myself to re-watching it all again, it's not such a bad thing since i love the show and it'll take me even longer to reach the last episode of season 5 so more time to prepare myself for the heartbreak.

8. Travel
> Travel anywhere, places i've ventured to before or that i've never seen before but i don't want to spend the majority of my time in the same city. Living on hope that i'll visit Paris again this year but anywhere is fine, even for a day or two, i love travelling and i don't do it enough.

9. Get a job
> At the moment i'm volunteering at a charity based retail store, i enjoy volunteering there a lot but i need to consider looking for a paid job which doesn't sound so appealing but i need to try get a job at some point.

10. Be happy
> Simple? Being positive all the time is my downfall, i always see the negative in things but no more. Looking at the world as a glass half empty isn't fun, but then no one said it was. This year i shall think more positive thoughts and smile often; do activities that make me happy. Last year taught me not to dwell on the past, things are constantly changing some things you can't control and that's okay just don't let it bring you down, smile.

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  1. Good luck with all your goals!! I want to read more, travel more and exercise more as well ^.^ I hope 2015 is a great year for you!

    niamh /

    x x