Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Embrace the unknown | thoughts

Looking ahead the path is unclear, nothing is certain. Long journeys, by car, train, foot or any other transport take in where you are, see it like you never have before. The roads you know may seem familiar but there'll be matters you don't know about them, always mystery. Nothing is straightforward or clear. Roads you don't know thats where the magic lies, let them take you to places of new, embrace the unknown. Without being cliche its not all about the destination, its about the journey, its true. All the little things along the way building up, the beauty of the world passing by, the adventures, the untold all lead you somewhere however the destination may be full of wonder don't let that make you forget what you went through to get there. It matters, it all matters, everyone and everything does. Get lost along the way and discover a new; things change YOU change.Your journey through time creates who you are, forever changing, developing for you never stop learning. 

Long journeys are my own state of bliss, watching the world pass around me as night turns into day and day into night. I wish to capture these moments and share them with others. The beauty of the natural world that many miss, the moments untold, I feel needs to be told and shared for all to see. At this time in the current day all seems miserable and repetitive like all is the same day in and day out, I want to capture moments in this day and age to remind people that there is beauty in this world, to share things that go unnoticed to show that we don't need to keep our heads in this technology and to take a step back and take a look at whats around us for a while. Nothing will stay the same forever its constantly changing.

Embrace this life that you have, enjoy it, fulfil your hopes and dreams at least try and never give up. Don't let the world or others get to you, it's a struggle but its worth it. Be your own ray of light everything may be unclear but what'd be great about knowing how everything will turn out? its an adventure, your adventure make the most of it.

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