Sunday, 31 July 2016

The making of Harry Potter

Recently I had the pleasure to go to Warner Bros. studio tour, the making of Harry Potter for the 15th anniversary of the Philosophers Stone. Not only did they have the doors to 4 Privet Drive open so you could venture inside, there was additions of props and costumes from the film that'll only be there for a limited amount of time. It was such an incredible experience as along with those additions there were a couple interactive experiences added; seeing how to make troll snot and unicorn blood! Plus one of my favourites being able to see the first designs of the philosophers stone and how it progressed to the one seen in the film. At the same stand you were able to see the progression of other props including the making of wands. It was honestly a magical experience returning there for a second time and being able to see things I hadn't previously, particularly since my first visit was two years ago and since then there has been the expansion of the Hogwarts Express, which was incredible, the whole section it was in was just a 'wow' moment. While some people can easily go around the tour in 3 hours, I could spend the whole day there, there's so much to see and I don't like to rush around so being able to take the time to fully see and appreciate everything may well take me the whole day plus with the gift store its hard to not make a splurge and buy half the store! I only really took photos on my phone so the quality isn't the greatest but I thought that I would share some of them anyway.

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